Photo Friday – Funicular Fun

While digging through my b&w negatives I found some more images from Switzerland. This one is from the day I spent on Monte Brè where I rode the funicular (or funicolare in Italian) to the top for a beautiful view of Lugano. I’ll scan the rest of the negatives from that excursion to see what else I shot, but in the meantime this one just made me laugh because it reminded me of a little snafu I got myself into that day.

After taking the funicular to the top of the mountain and enjoying the view, I decided to hike back down the mountain in a moment of spontaneity. I didn’t have a trail map, but there were hiking trails marked with signposts so I figured it should be easy enough to find my way back down. I had walked the path down for about 30 minutes when I realized how late in the day it was and that since I didn’t know the length/distance of the trail, I might end up on the mountain in the dark. Plus it started raining, so I decided it would be best to turn around and go back up. However, part of the way up the trail split into two directions and I couldn’t remember which way I had come from! I started to panic a little because there wasn’t a soul in sight, there were no signs or markers to indicate the way, and I knew the funicular would close fairly soon. I took a wild guess at which path would return me to the funicular and made my way back up. Thankfully, it was the correct path and I made it to the funicular in time for the return trip, but not without a little stress!


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