Self-Portrait and Q&A

I’m just waiting on the model releases to continue posting about Flourish, but in the meantime I thought I’d post this self-portrait I took in the walkway behind Angela’s studio. Here I am, notebook under my arm, returning to the studio after the engagement session upstairs (leave it to me to see a mirror and take the opportunity for a self-portrait):

I also wanted to answer some specific questions my friend, Jenn, asked me about the workshop – I thought it would fun to post the q&a here.

1. What would you say was the most memorable part of Flourish? The people were the most memorable. The leaders and the attendees – it was just such an amazing, talented group of photographers. Everyone was welcoming and friendly, and really open to sharing. I never once felt at all belittled for being “green” in the business, and there was no sense of competitiveness. Everyone was genuine. And fun. And funny!

2. What was the most useful thing you got out of it? I have to pick two things. First, just the basic business information was super useful to me, since I’m brand new to running a business of any kind. I’m definitely armed with tons of information to make my business successful now. Second, and maybe most importantly, I gained some confidence! I think being around so many successful photographers rubbed off on me a bit. I didn’t feel super confident while I was there, but it hit me when I got home – if I could be even half as successful as the leaders and attendees of Flourish, I’ll do great!

3. Do you feel even more confident that you rock? See the second part of my answer to #2! I don’t know that I’ll walk around strutting or anything, and I still feel very humbled by so much talent out there, but I definitely feel more confident in general.

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  • Jaci - I LOVE this self-portrait! SO cool!!! I have one like this of me at Millennium Park in Chicago at the Cloud Gate. (It’s the big liquid, mercury looking thing). But I’m so far away in mine it’s hard to even see me 🙁