Snowshoe 2015

Chris and I are back from our first trip in 2015! We went away for another long weekend in Snowshoe, WV. This was our fourth trip to the resort, so I almost didn’t take any photos this weekend. Plus, every time we take a ski-lift-selfie it looks pretty much the same. See? I think we have enough of these.


We keep staying at the same Soaring Eagle Lodge condo each year because it’s in a good ski-in/ski-out location and most importantly it’s warm, cozy, and quiet. As evidenced by the guest book, we’ve rented this exact condo for Chris’s birthday weekend twice before!


It was bitterly cold and blustery when we arrived on Friday, and the resort had received quite a bit of snow throughout the week. Ordinarily this is music to our powder-loving ears, but my gosh the wind was sharp and the snow that was blowing pelted our faces. When we ventured out for dinner I had to walk around with my eyes shut because of the painful gusts. (It was nothing a margarita couldn’t fix – and yes, we drank margaritas at a ski resort in January!)


Thankfully we had a sunny Saturday for skiing, but it was still super cold. The temperature read 9 degrees in the morning at about the time when we would normally head out to the slopes, so we waited until it was a tad warmer, but it never got above 20. Eek!


Twenty degrees is not quite in my window of comfort so it wasn’t my longest day on the slopes, but we had a fun weekend. I can’t help but look forward to our next trip in a warmer locale though – next up is Belize! And we’ll totally drink margaritas there, too.

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