Strange Remedy

Do you ever read something on the Internet and wonder if it’s complete bunk that someone put out there without any credence? I did a search on remedies for mosquito bites and found the following advice: peel a banana and use the inside of the banana peel to rub on the bite. Out of desperation because nothing else was working, I actually went to the kitchen, peeled a banana, and rubbed the skin all over my ankles. I felt pretty silly and I thought, someone could be having a laugh at me for following such weird advice. But to my surprise, it actually worked really well. It was slimy, and then very sticky, but it did stop the itch. So if you’re ever suffering from as many bites as I have, have a banana for a snack and then rub that skin all over your bites. Do this in the privacy of your own home or else risk looking like a total nutcase.

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  • Jaci Clark - So sorry you got so many bites. You must be super sweet. Wait, you are 🙂

    Glad the banana thing worked, though. I actually think I heard that before. It sure makes an all-natural remedy. My kiddos love to play outside and often come in with “itchies” so this would be perfect for them.


  • Coelle - I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I was outside for 10 minutes at a friends and got 23 on my right leg alone… 17 i think on my left? I could not believe it and the following day was MISERABLE for me…. I would have tried anything, too!!!ReplyCancel

  • Uhmn - marking the spot with an X isn’t sticky or slimyReplyCancel

  • Eileen Broderick - Never heard of that, but good to know. Especially for little ones–kids, I mean. I always made the ‘x’ with my fingernail like that person who commented earlier, but that only works for, like, 5 seconds.ReplyCancel