The Bucket List

I’m really excited about crossing a few things off my bucket list this year! If all goes as planned, the next one to be completed will be scuba diving. And since the weather cancelled our hot air balloon ride last fall, Chris and I are hoping to get to do a balloon flight this year if the weather cooperates with our schedule. We will also be traveling to Iceland and I’m really (really really) looking forward to that one.

Did you know the phrase “bucket list” showed up on a list of words that should be banned in 2014? Do you find “bucket list” to be annoying?! I don’t mind it at all. (I am a list-making weirdo though.) I like keeping track of the things that I want to do in my lifetime, and I don’t know what else to call it. I was originally going to call it something happier like “life list,” but I decided to be traditional and go with what everyone else calls it. It could also be taken as “here’s a whole bucket of things I want to do in my lifetime.” If it’s good enough for Jack and Morgan, it works for me.

What I love about the list is that while I fully intend to accomplish the items or at least try my best, there’s no pressure to do them by a certain time (like the 101 in 1001 list that was popular a few years ago). I’ll just try to complete each item at some point in my life. Oh and as a side-note I just have to clarify this: in no way do I think that trying some of the more skilled things will get me to a point where I’m at all proficient. Meaning, I know I can’t just go take a salsa class and become an amazing salsa dancer or even call myself a salsa dancer whatsoever! But what’s really cool about it is that when I try new things, it makes me appreciate other people’s talents that much more because I get to experience just an ounce of the hard work and dedication that goes into becoming good at a skill.

I also like the accountability that the list provides for a few of the items that make me a little nervous (i.e., anything involved with the ocean). I’m proud I crossed off snorkeling! I was so scared to try it, but I’m happy to say it’s something I actually enjoy doing now. Okay, it still makes me a little nervous, but not nearly as much. And I need to do it more often so I can practice my underwater photography skills. It’s a whole other ball of wax using a camera below the surface.


I’ve transferred a few things leftover from my original 101 in 1001 list, and I’ll continue to add new things as I come up with them. I couldn’t possibly add my whole travel wish-list because it’s just too long, so I included a Top Thirty section. Hands-down the number one item on my list? Photographing an emperor penguin in Antarctica. We’ll have to save up for that trip so I imagine it will be a while, but I am one-hundred percent determined to go. Let me know if you keep a list! And if so, what’s one of your top items?

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