The Worst Item On the List

If you’ve been following my blog this year, you know about my 101 in 1001 list that I plan to complete by December 31, 2010. I composed my list of items that I need to get done, goals that I want to achieve, and things that I want to experience. A lot of the items will definitely push me outside of my comfort zone, but there’s one on the list that is so far out of my comfort zone that I’m nervous already just thinking about it – the dreaded #33: Go snorkeling (for more than 5 minutes even if I’m terrified). I know it sounds silly because most people probably think that snorkeling sounds fun, relaxing, exciting, etc. But yeah, I’m terrified of it. Terrified of jellyfish mostly, but I’m also scared of anything in the water touching me: fish, eels, sharks, seaweed, everything. I’ve been in lakes and in the ocean several times before, but every time I get in, something scares me and my fear gets worse. I absolutely love swimming, but I’ll take a pool any day over natural bodies of water.

I’ll soon have an opportunity to accomplish this item on the list, and I’m really going to give it my best try. As an added incentive to give it a go, I bought an underwater housing for my point-and-shoot camera so hopefully I can at least get a few pictures. Stay tuned to see me conquer one of my biggest fears!

Updated to include a photo of my toy:

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  • Jennifer - YOU CAN DOT IT! YOU CAN DO IT!! No worries… You jumped out of an Airplane.. this is small potatoes. Plus the things you will see are amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Armin - I think you’ll do great Susan! Bring back some rockin’ pics!ReplyCancel

  • susan - Thanks for the encouragement guys! And YES, Jenn, you’re right – I have jumped out of an airplane, so I can totally do this. (I’d much rather jump out of an airplane again than see a jellyfish though.)ReplyCancel

  • Eileen Broderick - Yikes! I think I know just how you feel. I am not so freaked out, though, by the creatures and sliminess. I just have this weird claustrophobia when I am underwater and wearing a mask. I could probably snorkel–especially somewhere tropical where the water is crystal clear. But I could NEVER scuba dive. Good Lord. Wishing you luch! (How many times can I use that joke before it totally annoys you?)ReplyCancel

  • Jaci Clark - Very Cool! Overcome your fear!!! You will be so happy you did. Snorkeling is very, very cool and you will get some awesome shots with your new housing. Enjoy and good luck!


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